Business Opportunity:

The Recreational Vehicle industry is booming, and there is a significant move towards lighter and simplier camping trailers.  There are hundreds of thousands of small SUVs on the road that struggle to pull conventional camping trailers.  The Tail Feather Camper is a perfect solution.  The kits can also be used for all-weather shelters.

Whether you operate out of a small shop or a large facility, want to start a small business or suppliment an existing business, this may be for you.  The unique molded parts are contracted out to vendors, you supply the facility, labor and common supplies.  All you need is a workspace and common shop tools. Manufacture and market this unique camper kit that fits on most 5x8, 5x10, and larger utility trailers.

Product Summary:

The product brand, Tail Feather Camper and Quite Lite Shelter Kits, are a molded, insulated, light weight, modular panel system for utility trailers or stand-alone shelters. Parts are rotationally molded polyethylene foam filled panels, ABS thermoformed roof, and molded, machined and fabricated components. Patent issued in December, 2011.

Business Summary:

Become licensed to manufactuer and market the Tail Feather Camper and Quite Lite Shelter Kits. All the tooling is available for purchase or lease, and we will assist in establising vendors for the molded and fabricated parts required to assemble the kits.  Kits are in use in climates ranging from Alaska to the Tasman Sea. Market research indicates there is widespread interest in smaller, light weight campers. This product has internet sales potential in the RV and outdoor sports markets. Tail Feather Camper Kits are a great companion product to utility trailers.

Business Model:

Wall and roof panels are molded by vendors with our molds.  As the licensed company, you do the secondary operations and assemble the kits, as well as market them in your licensed territory. As a licensed assembly company you can produce gross profit in the 40% to 60% range, depending on how much of the fabrication you keep in-house. The product is scaleable and material costs can be reduced as volume increases.



The Tail Feather Camper Kit is designed to fit on most 5’ x 8’ or larger utility trailers with side rails no higher than 12”.  It can also be used as a stand alone shelter.