Tail Feather campers

Tail Feather campers can be assembled on your utility trailer permanently or taken apart when not in use and stored away. All the parts nest neatly into a compact space. No part weighs over 35 pounds so they are easy to handle


Build the MINI from our plans

You can build the body of the Tail Feather MINI Camper from our plans with locally available materials. Purchase the roof, windows and hardware from us to complete your project. The MINI can be built in 20 to 40 hours with simple shop tools.


Once built, the “MINI” camper is composed of wall panels and a roof that assemble together using only a screwdriver. The main body mounts to the top of your utility trailer side rails and a heavy vinyl floor liner conforms to the utility trailer bed. An adjustable door frame allows the kit to fit various rail heights from 9″ to 13″. A little creative use of additional support will allow you to adapt to higher rails if needed.

The split door simply lifts off its hinges. The top half has a screened operating window, or open the top half for lots of ventilation. There are two screened roof 8″ vents as well.

Customize Your MINI

The “MINI” camper kit is made with the Do-It-Yourself hobbyist in mind. Build the MINI using common power tools from our plans. The kit includes plans, an ABS roof with skylights and vents, swingout window, door lock, door lift off hinges, and floor liner. The exterior walls are covered with a durable textured coating that can be left as-is or painted. The interior is exposed wood that can be stained, painted, paneled, insulated or left as-is. Buy the basic shell or add the available options shown below.


• actual footprint dimension: 4′ x 7′-4″

• ceiling height: 4′-2″ to 4′-6″ (depending on rail height)

base MINI weight: 160 lbs

typical weight with trailer: under 500 lbs