• Teal Panel Demo … 3 min.

• Teal Camper Model 48 … 5.5 min.

• Teal Camper Model 510 … 6.5 min.

• Loading a Camper … 3 min.

• Unloading a Camper … 2 min.

• Take apart a Camper … 3 min.

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Teal Camper News


Ryan Speir

January 8, 2013 – Teal International Corporation is pleased to announce that Ryan Speir has joined our team as COO. Ryan’s down to earth approach, genuine concern for satisfying customers and enthusiasm for the Teal campers and shelters make a good match for Teal International Corporation. If you get a chance, give Ryan a call. He would love to talk with you and see how he could help you put a Teal Tail Feather Camper in your future.

Call Ryan at 1 970 744-3624 or email him at [email protected]


December 27, 2012 – The first shipment of blank panels arrived from the molder on December 5th. Other parts are arriving almost daily as the team is busily making windows, doors, roofs, cabinets and a host of other components that make up the Teal Tail Feather Camper.

Our first deliveries to customers will take place in January. There are a few parts that are delayed from suppliers due to the holidays, but everything will be ready to go by the third week in January. We are excited to finally be delivering campers to our customers who have been patiently waiting.


October 22, 2012 – You asked for it, we did it. The Teal Tail Feather Camper now has a molded, insulated hard shell roof that is very light weight and durable. The DOME roof is molded out of ABS and has roof vents for plenty of ventilation. Each section weighs only 25 pounds so it is quick and easy to remove for getting the camper in the garage.

The POP-UP roof has been put on hold because the new DOME roof has more advantages and is light enough to be easily handled, is less complicated, and is better insulated.

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